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with the city. we did a consent agreement with them earlier this year that called for a number of actions to happen because we do need better services for the citizens of detroit. they deserve it. and we need to achieve results. the problem is the mayor and the city council haven't been able to get on the same page. we are going through the process now of saying if they don't get it done, we are going to start a review, hopefully next week, that will go on for 30 days to say if it doesn't get done, there are other actions, including emergency managers that we should be considering for detroit. so i'm clearly encouraging the city and the mayor to get these issues on the table, have them work together and get resolutions so we can move forward and get detroit growing again. >> explain to me the emergency managers. does that mean the state steps in and does the job for them? is that what you mean? >> yeah. in michigan we've had a statute for some time. we had some controversy and we're under the old statute now. this goes back to many years where we had emergency manager status. they can com
. >> the hour for immediate action is here. it is now. >> the president of the united states has to seize the moment. >> this is no different than a marriage. a lot o of marriages fail because they fight over money. >> the missing ingredient is presidential leadership. >> this is a manufactured crisis. it is manufactured by the republicans. >> the economy of the nation and the world may be at stake here. >> i still want to get this done. >> right now we are at a stalemate because we haven't been willing to or democrats haven't been willing to consider the issue of spending is all they want to deal with tax increases and that hurts the economy. >> this makes it look like we are are doing something. >> this is not for show. >> i can report now that all of the leaders from senator reid on the democratic side to speaker boehner for the republicans obviously they didn't go to the cameras after the this meeting here with president obama. that would not be good signs. >> whatever we come up with is going to be imperfect. not people aren't going to like it. some people will like it less. >> this
. in the coming days, javaughn belcher's actions will be analyzed. who knows? but here is what i believe. if he doesn't possess a gun, he and cassandra perkins would both be alive today. >> costas was quoting jason whitlock and immediately after he spoke, twitter blowing up with reaction. herman cain tweeting, you tune in for a football game and end up listening to bob costas spewing sarchght moanuous drek. >> where are we headed here? >> bob costas, based on the standards of our society today and the standards of our industry deserves to be fired. >> he's allowed to have his opinion, just like we are all allowed to have our opinion on this show. so, yes, that's what he does at half-timey we want to ban guns because the gun kills the person. >> you want to get a political lecture, by the rantings on the left, i suggest bob costas go to work for ms-nbc. >> whitlock's right. if there is no gun here, nobody's dead. so i don't know what the issue is to take issue with. >> i don't get the sense that he was calling for specific legislation or saying, here's what he should do. >> how come costas gets
disciplinary action." so four americans are dead, no names are named, and no one's getting any disciplinary action. >> greta: catherine, thank you. >> thank you. >> greta: okay. time is up. well, or almost. the fiscal cliff is fast approaching. speaker john boehner has a plan. >> i continue to have hope we can reach a broader agreement with the white house that would reduce spending as well as revenues on the table. >> greta: what is president obama's plan? rush limbaugh says it's a secret plan to decimate the republican party. here's rush limbaugh. >> the president, who will have engineered all of this, will then be able to steal from the republicans that which they are known for, a strong defense and low taxes. and in the process the president and his party will effectively decimate the republican party. that will make a lot of people very happy. hollywood, warren buffett, oprah, david letterman, you know, all your favorite people. what boehner is trying to do -- i don't know it's going to work, but i think offering this million dollar umbrella is essentially taking the revenue issue off
, belcher's actions and their possible connection to football will be analyzed. who knows? but here, wrote jason whitlock, is what i believe. if belcher didn't possess a gun, he and perkins would both be alive today. > >> greta: costas was quoting jason whitlock. immediately after he spoke, twitter blowing up with reaction. herman cain tweeting you tune in to a football game and listen to bob costas spewing sang t sancts drek. >> where are we headed? bob costas deserves to be fired for these remarks. >> he's allowed to have his opinion. yes, he's allowed to go there. >> we want to ban guns because the gun kills the person, not the person pulling the trigger. >> you want to get a political lecture by the rantings on the left, i suggest that bob costas could have worked for msnbc. >> jason whitlock's right. if there's no gun here, nobody's dead. i don't know what the issue is to take issue with. >> i don't get the sense he was calling for specific legislation or saying here's what we should do. >> how come costas gets to express his opinion during halftime of seasoned night sundt football? t
a sudden decrease or loss in vision or hearing. this is the age of taking action. viagra. talk to your doctor. >> is the obama administration misleading us about benghazi again? after a scathing report, four state department officials got the boot. so we thought. turns out the security chief that resigns is still on the payroll and the other three workers are all expected back. so what's really going on. former u.s. ambassador john bolton joins us. good evening, ambassador. >> good evening. glad to be with you. >> people be outraged about this. this is a story that's ongoing where there have been far more questions than answers and it seems there have been almost a deliberate attempt to, by the mainstream media, to lead in the story, cover-up and not convey the truth and tell the true facts. it's only been through serious investigative reporting and journalism that we've been able to put pressure to get some answers. what do you make of the latest report? >> it's typical washington pea and walnut kind of separation. people resign from their positions, but they don't necessarily resign
actions if there is not criminal. you have to remember that this suspect was described as someone who might have mental problems and incapacity as far as his mental state he have been formulated by someone else and guided and provided with information and a conspiracy, you know. it is really what i am talking about and somebody could have put him up and gave him information and completed the conspiracy. and then you would need to prosecute that individual. so it needs to be done because this early in the investigation, you county don't know -- what you have except for the victims. >> we are getting a little bit of an idea who he was. and the new york times and reporting about how socially acward he high school. and few freppeds and he didn't center a book book -- face book page we are getting a glimpse of him tonight . but the detectives. they have to dig deeper, are they not? >> they are going to dig deeper for weeks and maybe longer than that. they will do an autopsy on his mind and his life as well as his body. they are going to figure out who he was talking to and what high was sa
. that was terrorism then. but nobody died so they didn't do anything. that's the problem. they didn't take any action after june. they found in 60 days -- chock-full of problems, challenges, in 60 recommendations. and yet, nobody gets fired. nobody can take responsibility. nobody seems to know the details of it. we have -- we haven't found any of the perpetrators. >> that's amazing to me. the person blamed for making the video is still in jail, but we haven't gon after the people in libbia. i need to give you a chance to respond to something. i don't believe this investigation has been partisan. i believe that the government needs to conduct the oversight over the state department. but some democrats are saying this is all the house republicans' fault baize they starved the state department of resources and in the remaining seconds we have, how do we respond to that. >> sharlene lamb was asked, was funding the reason you didn't provide security? she said no. the sst security that was requested from the department of defense budget, not from the state department budget. the third point, over the last
sinatra saying that "the actions of frank sinatra, jr. are suspect of chicanery from start to finish. >> kidnapping a a hoax and little, no realizationow much grief it would cause frank, jr. >> it was really violating. it was like -- it was the nearest thing to rape. it was very bad. >> but the jury didn't buy it. >> it after six week trial we were found guilty. joe and i were sentenced to life plus 75 years. and john who was not in the physical kidnapping was sentenced to 16 years and 8 months. >> but none of those sentences were actually served out. >> no. >> the story takes another strange twist when a series of evaluations and appeals got the sentences drastically cut so that they were all back on the street by 1968. barry would go on to become a very successful and sober real estate developer. >> how did that happen? >> dean torrance comes back into the picture when i got out of prison he threw a fundraiser party for me and i used that money to get back into the real estate business. >> in the '90s, keenan tried to cash in again with the making of a movie about the kidnapping. s
to the american people. >> and attorney general eric holder's action toss not constitute a crime and thus he will not be prosecuted. >> we lost four diplomats. our ambassador was killed. this is a tragedy. outrageous. >> what sparked the recent violence was the airing on the internet of a very hate full, very offensive video. >> the story he told on the 15th of september was completely out of line with reality on the ground. >> for the united states government to say that it was simply a spontaneous act flies in the face of the facts. >> it happened in benghazi was a terrorist attack. >> the administration has to come clean. what happened before, what happened during the attack and then they have to explain how they misled the american people and the world what really went down in benghazi. >> general petreas made himself blackmail material. what did the white house know and when did he know it? >> the benghazi attack has put a lot of pressure on the white house and a lot of pressure on senior white house officials like general petreas. this is a complete surprise, though. ♪ lady ♪ hey s
Search Results 0 to 19 of about 20 (some duplicates have been removed)